Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing

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The Digital Marketing Workshop is meant for both the professionals and also beginners.

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Digital marketers across the world are building cyber assets — websites, blogs, Facebook pages, LinkedIn profiles, YouTube brand channels than on — with the sole purpose of building and marketing their enterprise. As a digital marketer, tons of thoughts must be put into the strategy & the execution in social marketing. the result may be a collection of connected properties that fuse and orient their brand and attract more and more audience.

The Digital Marketing Workshop is meant for both the professionals and also beginners. Here you'll understand the importance of social media marketing, the strategies involved, and therefore the implementation of the strategy using digital marketing tools.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Introduction to Digital marketing; exposure to the latest tools and methods being used by digital marketers in the industry
  • Interactive lecture sessions and Demonstration of different social media marketing
  • Group discussions and Good multimedia content to encourage innovation and help students grasp the material easily
  • Career guidance by experienced faculty

Topics covered:

  1. What is digital marketing?
  2. Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing.
  3. Most popular ways of digital marketing.
  4. Basic Tools & Feature
  5. Future of the digital marketing industry.
  6. What are Keywords?
  7. How to make money online?
  8. Five tips to increase the visibility of a website on the search engines.
  9. Digital marketing course overview.

Software & Material :

  • Booklet on different tools for Digital Marketing
  • Software tools for Practical Session


Anybody interested in Digital Marketing, Social Media, Online Business Development, etc


  • Basic knowledge about using computers
  • Enthusiasm to learn about new technologies
  • Basic knowledge about using Web & Internet
  • Each participant should bring his/her own laptop

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