The Most Haunted Places In The India

A ghostly story often troubles us. That element of something that we may or may not see but feel that its presence is an idea that is thrilling as well as scary.

The Most Haunted Places In The India
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A haunting story often troubles most of us. That element of something we may or may not see but feel that its presence is an idea that is thrilling as well as scary. But when the story becomes very real things take a different turn. The haunted tales seem to be fun to hear and big to see but what if the story is true and something is moving around and making its presence felt in mysterious ways? While some go in search of an experience with the supernatural, others come into contact with them without their desire which shakes them to the core.

We have a list of the 10 most haunted places in India. The night presents a different picture and you hear stories about why not there after dark. If you are brave enough, read them and visit one or all of these places on your next trip. Here is our list of the most haunted places in India.

10. Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

Bhangarh is probably one of the most haunted places in India. It is in Rajasthan and has been declared by the government as an unsafe place to travel even at night. The Archaeological Survey of India or ASI body has also warned tourists and locals not to enter their premises after sunset and before sunrise. Even though the government does not openly acknowledge the presence of any supernatural power here, the board says it all and this is enough evidence that there is something that should not be played.

In its time, the fort of Bhangarh was one of the architectural wonders of the country. It was built in 1573 by Man Singh I for his grandson Madhosingh I. But it was named after his grandfather Bhan Singh, hence it was named Bhangarh.

Filled with temples, havelis, and palaces, Bhangarh was a prosperous state. But it soon saw its downfall and since then, it lay in ruins, leaving nothing but the spirits wandering in the fort.

Tourists coming here cannot help but admire the architecture of what is left and imagine how it would have been in the earlier days. However, it is the scary sign that attracts their attention and forces them to return before it gets dark. Why is there a signature here and why is it left out? There are two stories around this legend.

According to the first story, the reason for the destruction and desolation of Bhangarh Fort is due to the curse of an ascetic. It is believed that a Baba Balanath lived near the fort and he had a condition that no building should be higher than his house and cast a shadow over it. If that were to happen, he declared, destruction would occur. The local king ignored the ascetic rites and of course, the curse came true and gave rise to the present-day Bhangarh Fort.

There is another legend about a magician who lived with the princess in Bhangarh and wanted to be near her. He was adept at magic and created a spirit that would create magic and attract him. One day they exchanged their perfumes for this potion. But before she can fall in love with him, he realizes her evil plans.

So he plotted another plot to kill her. He put a potion on a boulder when he saw the magician and he rolled over and crushed it due to magic on him. But with his dying breath, the magician cursed Bhangarh and said that it would be destroyed. Soon, the Mughals invaded the kingdom and destroyed that city.

They may have died, but the souls of these people, including the interiors of the magician and princess fortress. They do not let anyone in and if someone goes in it does not come back alive. The spirits are so strong that the signboard warns people not to go into the dark.

Location: Bhangarh Fort is in Alwar district of Rajasthan. You can visit the fort every day till 6 pm.

9. Three Kings Church, Goa

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Goa is the party capital of India and is also a popular tourist destination for foreigners. The smallest state in India is known for its wild fun as much as for its beaches and churches. While the Goan landscape is lined with fishing villages, palm trees, and beaches, there are also some hidden creepy tales. The beauty of Goa may mesmerize you, but these stories will chill your spine. If you don't have a dose of Goan haunted stories yet, here's a chilling for you.

Goa has many breathtakingly beautiful churches that are famous for their architecture, but one that has a different story to tell. Three Kings Church in South Goa has a scary history that keeps people away from going too close at night. In a small village in Consulim, the Three Kings Church stands tall with a haunting story and its narrative is kept alive. The village is not a tourist attraction like this and you can find most of the locals here. Look forward to the evening when people visit the church and the surrounding area to catch the beautiful sunset. But still, most of them leave before it becomes dark with fear. So what's so scary about the church? What is the story here?

The village was ruled by three Portuguese kings during the day. However, each of them was jealous of each other and wanted to become the sole ruler of the village. He often quarreled over the matter but never found a suitable solution to the problem. When things started getting out of hand, he decided to discuss and resolve the matter once and for all. One of the three kings invited the other two to his house to eat on the pretext of talking.

They did not know that he had added poison to his food so that they would die and he would rule the village. And as soon as planned, the other two kings died with their meals. Parmanand Raja now thought that he would rule the entire village alone but soon the news of his death spread and the villagers came to know what had actually happened. The king was now afraid that he would lurk among the public and so he too decided to commit suicide by drinking that poison. He did so and when the villagers took over, he found the bodies of the three kings.

He decided to bury these three together in the church itself. It is believed that the spirits of these three still haunt the church today. Even though they did not see anything strange, but a terrible feeling of something supernatural, especially around the church at night. This is the reason why people avoid taking this route at night.

Location: Three Kings Church is in the village of Consulim in South Goa. You will not find many tourists here and there is usually dead silence at night.

8. Dow Hill, Kurseong

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Many people in India may not have heard of Dow Hill in Kurseong, West Bengal. This hill station is close to Darjeeling, Dow Hill boasts of natural beauty including many tea gardens, waterfalls, valleys, and botanical gardens. Dow Hill also has a Subhash Chandra Bose Museum and is pleasant throughout the year.

However, Dow Hill is better known for its haunted stories than a hill station and a holiday getaway. Do not believe us? A quick Google search will reveal more scary stories than places. So much so that people living here have come to terms with the fact that the place is haunted and shares stories or experiences with interested people.

In fact, Dow Hill has many horror stories and each is more ghostly than the other. There is a headless boy who roams in the forest. And then there is a woman who walks around in a sari.

Dow Hill also houses Victoria Boys' High School which is over a century old and is believed to be haunted. Locals say they follow in the footsteps of children even while going to school during the holidays and can hear children's laughter.

They believe that the spirits of some children roam the school. As the sun sets, ghosts can feel in the air. If you want to explore the hill station at night, it would be wise to stay indoors or go with a local. Avoid going into the jungle as these things often appear. If you are very introverted, ask a local to share more stories and we are sure they will come with even more chilling for you. How true this is, we cannot say, but those who have experienced the presence of something supernatural cannot really forget about it.

Location: Dow Hill is in Kurseong, West Bengal. It is a small hill station which is about 30 km from Darjeeling.

7. Raj Kiran Hotel, Lonavala

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When you think about Lonavala, you almost certainly picture lush greenery, pleasant weather, a hot cup of chai, a plate pakodaa. What you do not possibly imagine could be a haunted place which will scare the daylights out of you. a nice drive from Mumbai and Pune, Lonavala is perfect during the monsoon when the rains paint the hills with greenery. The dhabas around further increase its charm and other people often flock here in large numbers on the weekends. We are talking about the Raj Kiran Hotel that occupies a spot within the main city of Lonavala.

Several guests who have stayed there have weird experiences. While all might not be able to place a finger on what they felt, the sensation of being watched and also the presence of someone… or something… in the hotel room has kept many awake in the dark. there's one specific room in Raj Kiran hotel, on the ground floor, next to the reception. this is often the room that's believed to be haunted. After several guests complained about it, the hotel staff decided to lock it down and never rent it resolute any other patrons unless it had been really required.

So what's it that spooked people move into this room? Some say they saw a blue light near their feet at nighttime while some felt someone was watching them even supposing there was nobody in the room. for a few guests, it absolutely was more extreme when their bedsheets were pulled off at nighttime even supposing they aroused from sleep but to find nobody around. people who have stayed during this room have often asked for a change of room.

Once a couple couldn't get a reservation in any hotel and landed up at Raj Kiran. Being season, all their rooms were booked apart from that haunted one. The couple didn't have any qualms about taking that room but realized something wasn't right once they checked in. After some hours, they too left it.

What really happened or whose spirit haunts this room remains unknown but the actual fact that there's something spooky is well known. If you're brave enough to search out out more, you can check out the Raj Kiran hotel the next time you're in Lonavala.

Location: The hotel is within the main city of Lonavala and you'll find a market in the area. you will be able to find the hotel on the main road itself.

6. Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad

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One of the largest film cities in India, Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad attracts around one million viewers every year. A place where many films are shot, Ramoji Rao is not only a film city but also a tourist attraction that attracts tourists from all over the country. The films are not only shot here but are also edited and canned. Being a scenic spot, Ramoji Film City is a place where visitors can stay in premium hotels in its vast complex. But apart from attracting tourists, Ramoji Film City also attracts some other spirits of the other world and this makes it a haunted place.

Many films have been shot in Ramoji Film City, but the crew has a different story to tell. There have been incidents of light falling on their own, or Lightman has been pushed from a great height by an invisible force that has injured them. Not only this, many actresses have felt something supernatural in their green room. Apparently, the spirits here have a thing for women and they rip off their clothes at times.

If you think they only haunt actors and crew members, guests staying at the hotel in Film City have had similar experiences. If you leave it for some time, the doors are closed with their own or half-finished food. Some guests heard whispers and strange sounds, while others found Urdu words written on their heads. Officials at Ramoji Film City have never confirmed these haunted stories, but those who have experienced it know exactly what it was.

The story tells that the film is made on the battlegrounds of the City Nizam and the spirits are those soldiers who lost their lives but continue to harass the people who come here. If you are planning a trip to Ramoji Film City and are brave enough to find out more, stop in one of its hotel rooms. If you find anything scary then share with us.

Location: Ramoji Film City is located in Anaspur village near Hayatnagar Division, Hyderabad. The tours are from 9 am to 5.30 pm. There are various accommodation options available to stay within Film City.


5. Bangalore International Airport

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Bangalore, the country's IT hub which is also known for its pleasant climate and budding start-up companies, has some scary stories to tell. The tech city is often visited by many professionals for work and if you have been to Bangalore by flight, this story will surprise you. Rumor has it that Bangalore International Airport or Kempegowda International Airport is indeed haunted. A few years ago the story became so racy that even the local media covered it extensively. While Bulbul is dead, the story persists. The airport is one of the busiest places in any city and if it too has a scary twist, things can go right?

The airport is in over 4,000 acres and is the third busiest airport in the country after Delhi and Mumbai. Established in 2008, the airport at Devanhalli village, a considerable distance from the main city. Even though it is a fairly new airport, stories of it being haunted are already making considerable exceptions as most of the haunted places are usually old or dilapidated buildings.

Stories of being haunted at the Bangalore International Airport began one night when a pilot of an aircraft spotted a woman wearing a white sari on the runway. He asked the airport staff to take him away thinking he was lost but he disappeared as soon as someone arrived there.

But the pilots are not the only ones to spot this mysterious woman on the runway. Several other employees later reported the woman to other parts of the airport as well. The woman's fear in the white sari was to the extent that many employees who were in the cargo department refused to take the night shift as they often saw something terrible in the building that was a little away from the main airport building. Airport officials and air traffic control denied the presence of any ghosts in the complex, but those who saw it had a different story to tell. The matter has now ended, but those who know about this story cannot help but wonder if they will get a glimpse of the woman in white on a late-night flight from Bangalore International Airport.

Location: The international airport is in Devanhalli village, north of Bangalore city. Airlines flights like AirAsia, Jet Airways, Air Pegasus, and Air India fly from here.

4. Mukesh Mills, Mumbai

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Mukesh Mills is a popular venue for TV serials and Bollywood films. Located in the Tony Colaba area of   Mumbai, Mukesh Mills takes you back with its dilapidated structure and a warehouse-like clock. But the structure of the hull is sure to send its spine downward, not only because the people working here have had some unusual experiences here.

Mukesh Mills was once a thriving mill when it opened its doors in the 1870s. Its location right next to the Arabian Sea made it suitable for loading and unloading of cotton and yarn here for ships. However, the mill went out of business in the 1980s when workers worked. The mill was later closed and then an unexplained fire broke out at Mukesh Mills which has now left it in this condition.

Even though the mill was not restored, its dilapidated look made Mukesh Mill a favorite among Bollywood directors. If you are trying to remember where you might have seen it, the famous Jumma Chumma Dede song from Hum was shot here and G. Karda of Badlapur was also shot at Mukesh Mills. Salman Khan's Wanted is another film that featured these mills among others.

But it seems that Mukesh Mills is equally popular in the spirit world in Bollywood. According to the crew members and even the actors who work here, there is something creepy about the place, so much so that one shoots for pack up before sunset because no one wants to come here late at night. People have reportedly heard strange sounds, things happening in two places at once, these incidents are enough reason to avoid shooting here at night.

Bipasha Basu, who shot one of his films here, was a strange event to share. While shooting here, he found it particularly difficult to deliver his dialogues to a portion of Mills. However, she was completely fine when she was in another part. It was like someone trying to stop him from saying lines. Weird right?

But if you still want to visit Mukesh Mills, then you are in luck because they have now opened their doors to patrons who want to book it for parties, functions, etc. The mill will also have to undergo some renovations to make it more hospitable. If you are here and something terrible happens, don't forget to let us know.

Location: Mukesh Mills is located in Colaba on the Narayan A Sawant Road. If you are planning to go here, make sure you will visit during the daytime and with a few people instead of going alone.

3. Shaniwar Wada, Pune

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Pune is a city in India that has many youngsters thanks to many colleges and IT firms. It is also a trekkers paradise and has a pleasant climate throughout the year. But do you know that Pune also has its share of pointy places? One of them is Shaniwar Wada. Now, even if you are not fond of history, but you can remember it from the movie Bajirao Mastani. The film was based on the life of Peshwa Bajirao and if not shown, it mentioned Shaniwar Wada. Abode of the Peshwas, Shaniwar Wada is as famous for its historical significance as it is for its haunting story.

Shaniwar Wada was built in 1730 for Bajirao I. It was the seat of the Peshwas who became the de facto rulers of the Maratha Empire in the name of Shahu as the Peshwa of Balaji Vishwanath. However, in 1828, an unexplained fire broke out in the fort which destroyed a large part of its structure. The part left today is still open for tourists to see. But the haunting story of Shaniwar Wada is something that is often whispered by people living around the attraction.

The story features Peshwa Narayanrao who was 18 when he came to power. Among those who were jealous of Narayanrao was Anandibai, the wife of Ragini Raghunathrao, who wanted to become the queen, but she did not live as long as she was alive. Therefore, he successfully brainwashed Raghunathrao into issuing an arrest warrant against the young Peshwa. In what is a well-documented story in Maharashtra's popular culture, he viewed the warrant in such a way that it read like an executive order. Armed with the document, the guards attack the young prince, who runs away from his chambers and runs towards his uncle, begging for his life. Unfortunately, before his uncle could save him, Narayanrao was killed, by some accounts, in front of the eyes of his helpless uncle, who up until that moment believed he had only issued an arrest warrant against his nephew. It is believed that the soul of the young Narayanrao still haunts the fort and the sound of his crying can be heard on a full moon night. His last words, kaka mala vachwa 'or save Uncle, save me' are sometimes heard by people working here at midnight. Tourists may not find anything scary during the day, but the Saturday Wada at night gives a terrible feeling.

Location: Shaniwar Wada is at Shaniwar Peth in Pune and is open to tourists from 8 am to 6.30 pm.

2. Malcha Mahal, Delhi 

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Delhi is home to many haunted places like Sanjay Van, Cantonment area, Agrasen ki Baoli and Firoz Shah Kotla. But in this list, we have selected Malcha Mahal only for the sad story about this place. Do you know that Malcha Mahal is a restricted area and anyone saw here can be shot and killed? The reason for this is not a ghost but those people who still live in this house. Even though it is called Malcha Mahal, but it is in crispy places, no one would want to live in such places. But two people who never leave it and the reason is just sad.

Malcha Mahal was given by the government to Princess Vilayat Mahal, a descendant of the royal family of Awadh. But before she could capture him, it was a hunting lodge built by Feroz Shah Tula. The property of Princess Vilayats was confiscated by the British and she was homeless with her two children. He fought the Government of India to get his land back but nothing happened. In protest against her, she along with her children descended on a railway station in Delhi and occupied the VIP lounge there. He lived there for nine years before the government decided to approve the Malacha Mahal.

The princess came to Malcha Mahal with her children to know how sorry the situation there was. Infected with insects, chronic and thin, it was completely unfit for any human. One day the princess was so depressed that she committed suicide by eating a crushed diamond leaving her two children, dogs, and some gold behind. Young children clung to her body and slept with her for several days before being discovered. Then he was cremated near the house. The children grew up in the same house without any help and have not left him since. They live there without interacting with any other living soul. Dogs protect the home from any intruders or thieves who have been in the past.

These two humans have told the terrible story of living for so long in a place that has no electricity, no water supply, and is surrounded by trees in a forest. They wear only black clothes and the brother sometimes gets out on his bicycle to buy food and supplies. They do not talk to anyone and there is a board outside Malacha Mahal which clearly states that the trespassers will be shot. Nobody goes here due to being a restricted area.

Location: Malcha Mahal is on Bistadari Road in New Delhi. But we urge you not to go there for your safety.

1. Kuldhara, Rajasthan 

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Rajasthan is one of the top tourist destinations in India for Indians as well as foreigners. While most people come here to admire the architecture of the royal places and forts, many also encounter stories of the supernatural. If you have done a royal tour of Rajasthan, then visit Jaisalmer this time, and admire the beautiful Kuldhara village.

Today, the story of Kuldhara, a village created by the Archaeological Survey of India, is quite famous. A quaint village looking spectacular by day turns into your worst nightmare at night. The story of why this happened is equally cold. It is an abandoned village more than 200 years old, but you can still find houses and temples in perfect condition. What is the reason for this sacrifice?

About 200 years ago, on a terrible night, the villagers of Kuldhara who belonged to the Paliwal Brahmin community fled their homes, leaving their land and property.

If you are wondering what an entire village has been forced to do, here is the reason: The story involves a ruthless Prime Minister, Salim Singh, who was rumored to have served the local king Is more powerful than that. Salim Singh (also known as Zalim Singh for the cruelty he committed) was also infamous for the misdeeds. Their tax collection methods were not fair and citizens were fed up with their methods. One day, Salim Singh's eye fell on the beautiful daughter of the village head of Kundhara. He was mesmerized by her beauty, he declared his intentions to marry her! The Paliwal Brahmin was horrified by the proposal but was no match for the powerful Prime Minister, who hitherto threatened to impose heavy taxes on the villagers. The villagers decided to pack their belongings overnight and leave the village.

To this day, no one really knows where the villagers went and settled after fleeing to Kuldhara, but the question arises as to why other people did not come and settle in this already established village? And this is where things get scary.

According to legend, the people of Kuldhara left the place where they had prevented anyone from settling here. Since then, the village has been abandoned. In fact, if Kuldhara is haunted, some people of Delhi Paranormal Society are ready with their instruments to record any paranormal activity by staying here in one night, to test.

After spending 12 hours here, not only did they record unusual activity on their devices, suggesting the presence of spirits in the area, some of them also saw shadowy figures at night and none were really around.

Some souls also mentioned the names of the members of the society. This scary incident adds to the story of Kuldhara and the village is now abandoned. Tourists come here during the day to see the ruins and click photos but no one dares to stay after the sunset of this ghost town.

Location: Kuldhara is a village in Jaisalmer. If you are planning a trip, it is best to take your car or hire a taxi. You can take pictures of the village houses and the visiting hours are from 8 am to 6 pm.